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If you’re looking to find mature women (aka milfs/cougars) who can give you what you’re looking for, you have to step on it. You can’t just assume that just because you’re a younger guy that all these women would flock to you. I mean, that’s the fantasy that a lot of cougar dating sites would like to paint inside your mind. The problem is if you buy into this fantasy, you only have yourself to blame if the reality doesn’t match those amazing images in your head.

If you are serious about getting the kind of action that many of these websites promise, then you need to commit to doing the work, as you can see here. Getting cougar pussy is not much different from getting college-aged pussy or young professional pussy. Pussy is pussy. You have to work for it.

The good news is trying to find mature women doesn’t have to involve all sorts of activities that you used to do when chasing after younger women. A lot of the heavy lifting really takes place between your ears. I am, of course, talking about your expectations and assumptions. If you’re able to make progress with these elements of your dating life, you increase your likelihood of success. However, if you hang on to old and outdated assumptions regarding older women, chances are you’re not going to give them the kind of signals and the kind of respect that they’re looking for and chances are you will fall flat in all your efforts.

If you’re serious about trying to find mature women and having sex with a lot of them, you need to focus on the right websites, focus on being yourself and most importantly, focus on clear communication. If you’re able to make a progress on all these elements, you increase your likelihood of getting laid regularly.

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